here I am



… I have internet access! At least for the last few minutes, I have. No telling what’s going to happen before I finish this sentence, let alone this post.

The neighbors have wireless DSL that’s as flaky as flaky can be. I can’t believe they’re paying for service like this… but since I’m *not*, I can’t really say anything. We’re calling cable companies and seeing how much it’ll cost to get us onto a reliable internet connection.

In the meantime, please bear with me as I’m not posting (I can’t even get all of my email usually before the connection dies). Also, I’m working on two websites concurrently, and have YET to widgetize my Andreas04 theme… People have been emailing and asking me to do it, but without an internet connection, I’m just about worthless. You can imagine how fun it is to try to work on those two websites… =)

And now, when I DO have internet access, I have to leave. Wind Symphony rehearsal… grr.

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