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This happened in our neck of the ghetto: 

Man shot while interceding in pit bull attack
Police: Victim was trying to stop dog from hurting other canines when gunman fired.

An Eastside man was shot twice Sunday while trying to stop a pit bull attack on two neighborhood dogs, police said, and fell to the sidewalk as his children watched.

Michael Haynes Jr., 41, was in stable condition Sunday evening at Wishard Memorial Hospital after undergoing surgery to treat his chest wounds. Indianapolis metropolitan police continued to search for the shooter and the pit bull.

The children were in the Haynes’ front yard with their small dog, Duchess, when the shooter was walking his dog north in the 1200 block of Tecumseh Street, neighbors and police said. One resident, Tracey Matthews, said the small dog from her next-door neighbor’s home had gotten loose, and both dogs were being threatened by the pit bull.

The pit bull latched onto one of those dogs and wouldn’t let go, police said. Haynes was trying to get that dog away from the pit bull, when a friend came out of the house wielding a rolling pin.

That’s when, neighbors and police said, the dog-walker pulled a handgun from his waistband and said something like, “I told you not to touch my dog,” before opening fire.

“The kids were hysterical,” said neighbor Anita Graeser, a 25-year-old graduate student studying counseling at Christian Theological Seminary.

She took all five children, ranging in age from 2 to 10, into her house after the shooting.

The gunshots woke Graeser from a nap. She said Haynes’ friend might have given the rolling pin to Haynes or tried to use it himself. The aftermath of the shooting was chaotic, she added, as the man with the dog quickly left north on Tecumseh.

Haynes’ wife, Stacy, and a friend were trying to staunch the bleeding until police and paramedics arrived. Graeser watched the kids in the meantime. The youngest, she said, was shouting into his toy phone.

“He kept saying, ‘Police! Come help my daddy!’ “

Graeser described Duchess as a “Paris Hilton kind of dog.” Matthews said the other dog, named Chewy, also is small, but she didn’t know the breed.

Both neighbors said no one they talked to on the block knew the man or recalled having seen his pit bull before.

Last year, a pit bull attack on a toddler prompted the City-County Council to pass an ordinance aimed at increasing penalties on dangerous dogs of any breed.

However, after a series of incidents this year involving pit bulls attacking young children and adults and inflicting serious injuries, Mayor Bart Peterson said this month he had decided to ask his staff to investigate ways to ban pit bulls in the city.

Margie Smith-Simmons, spokeswoman for the mayor, said staffers still are investigating the ordinances of other cities that restrict or ban pit bulls.

“We want to be sure that whatever we put forward benefits the citizens of Indianapolis,” she said. The mayor doesn’t have a deadline, she said, but she expects a proposal will be released by late summer or early fall.

Graeser, meanwhile, hopes she can help the Haynes’ children cope with the trauma. Her studies focus on helping people after devastating incidents, melding psychotherapy and faith-based counseling.

“They are going to need counseling,” she said. While they were in her house, at least one of the children felt responsible — because they didn’t get out of the yard when their father told them to. “They said if their daddy died, it was their fault. I told them they were children, and none of it was their fault.”

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  1. Avatar June 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am \Clyde A Perry Says:

    David I heard your preaching this26 day of june and I am totaliy impressed. You are a very interesting speaker and you will be great teaching people and saving souls for Jesus Christ.can’t wait to hear more Grandpa Perry

  2. Avatar June 27th, 2007 at 1:49 pm sarahcamp Says:

    you know… this kind of upsets me though. boogalow is part pit bull and he is one of the sweetest dogs ever. he would never hurt anything. he plays very nicely with sheera, never hurts her at all. and i have seen a lot of other people who have pit bulls who are very sweet and they never have a problem with them at all. the ban should be against the owners who train them that way. people like that should not be allowed to have pets at all. of course they are going to pick a pit bull because their jaws are bigger so they look more ferocious when they are being vicious. they are not bad dogs until someone trains them to be that way and it’s sad to think that i don’t have a choice of where to move because boogalow is part pit bull and although he never would hurt a fly, people have given his breed a bad name. yes… PEOPLE have. :(

    sorry. just my rant. i do feel bad for everyone involved but i never think that an animal should be blamed for mishaps. it is the owner’s responsibility to provide a loving environment and if they can’t do that then they have no business having a pet and especially of bringing it into public.

  3. Avatar June 28th, 2007 at 4:49 pm Tara Says:

    @sarah: I totally agree. These happen to be the dogs of choice for thugs and miscreants around here, but they can be VERY sweet. They’ve already adjusted legislature this year to regulate how you can treat your dog (like you can’t leave it tied up outside all night, etc). But the incidences of attacks just keep going up. I think that, rather than banning the dogs altogether, there should be a step before where they require a license for a “trouble breed” – proving that the dog has been taken care of and knows basic obedience, etc.

  4. Avatar June 29th, 2007 at 1:41 pm sarahcamp Says:

    yes. I agree. Or maybe they should raise laws on those who are trying to purchase that type of breed. Like, if you have a criminal record then you cannot purchase it. Of course, that would probably be tough to regulate. As I’m sure some of the criminals are actually breeding them to provide their friends with.

    Poor puppies. :( My question is, what will happen to people who already have a pit bull that is perfectly behaved as a pet? Will they have to move? Sell their dog? Put it down? As I’m sure you know, it’s tough to do that with your pet who becomes part of the family. *sigh*

    On another note: did you know that Guiliani passed a law banning ferrets in NYC? I told Leah that she better pray that he doesn’t get elected. The worst part was, someone called him to tell him about how good of pets ferrets are – especially for city living – and Guiliani called him a sicko and told him he needed to seek mental help (and not in a funny way – in a very mean scary way). Look it up on YouTube. It’s crazy!

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