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So, there’s this old guy who runs up the 6 flights of stairs in the building I work in.  He rides the elevator down to the basement and chats with whomever is riding with him, then he runs back up the stairs – again and again until his workout is done.  He’s been doing it for a long time.  He’s cute – very nice and slightly flirtatious (but not at all in an icky way).

He just got kicked out of the building for harassment.

This guy was shocked – very upset – when he found out what he’d been accused of.  He’d never intended to be anything but friendly, and would have immediately changed his “offensive” behavior had he been told he made anyone uncomfortable.  Because the two women who reported him were passive-agressive instead of direct, he’s gone.  No chance to explain or apologize (he’s nice enough, he’d want to) or try to make amends.  And the women are gloating.

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  1. Avatar July 19th, 2007 at 9:58 am tom Says:

    Harassing? That seems excessive. Now if he were accused of stinking up the elevator, that I could understand.

    Seriously, that sucks. I wonder if it was as much passive-aggressive as it was just a power play. They didn’t like the idea of him working out at your already extremely hot building and just wanted to put pressure on him. The fact that he got kicked out is probably even worse as they now have a taste for power. I’ve worked with some people that have used those sorts of methods effectively and begin to walk around with this feeling of superiority. As if they could get anyone fired that they want to. Those are the same people that sue everyone and their mother once they get fired as well so they end up getting shuffled around from department to department when they should just get canned. Unfortunate.

  2. Avatar July 19th, 2007 at 1:26 pm Tara Says:

    I like to believe the best about people – it’s what keeps me going. I choose to believe, in this case (with no evidence at all) that these folks really were uncomfortable (for whatever reason) and just didn’t have the heart or the guts to tell the guy. Maybe they didn’t realize that he would even be hurt by it.

    But then I realize that I work in an office that has both nice people (*raised my hand*) and mean people.

    I hope this is the extent of their power playing/muscle flexing.

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