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That guy I posted the article about, Michael Haynes (lives in my neighborhood and got shot trying to break up a dog fight), is out of the hospital.  We just got this letter through our neighborhood association.

 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Most of you know about Mr. Michael Haynes, 41, a father of five who lived on Tecumseh and 12th, who was shot trying to rescue a neighbor’s dog being attacked by a pit bull.

Sky Bank has set up a fund for Michael Haynes and his family. I am inviting you to contribute. If anyone deserves community support – it’s Michael Hayes. He did a brave and selfless act, and he even managed to keep it civil.

Donations for the Haynes family are being accepted by Sky Bank, where a special account has been set up. .

Checks should be made out to Michael Haynes Jr. and sent to:

Sky Bank
3824 Madison Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Here’s the background:

The neighbor’s dog ran loose a lot, and the Haynes kids were playing with him. The Hayne’s dog was inside his house.

Although Michael Haynes had a job as account manager for Rent-a-Center, he did not have health insurance. His injuries included 2 bullets lodged under his arm, and another through his lung. Hospital costs are unknown at this time, but are expected to be quite expensive. Although he is now out of the hospital, doctors don’t know how long recovery will take or whether he will gain full use of his arm. The family is moving out of their $800/month home and will be staying with in-laws until the wife, Stacy can get a job. She was a stay-at-home mom.

About the incident itself — the whole time Haynes was trying to get the neighbor’s dog away from the pit bull, he was talking to the owner – “come on man, grab your dog”, the owner kept saying “can’t”, “yes you can, just grab his collar and pull”, “can’t”. Up to that point, Haynes had neither touched nor threatened the pit bull. But after getting nowhere and fearing for the dog’s life Haynes raised the rolling pin as if to strike the pit, which is when he was shot. At that point the dog owner yanked on the pit bull and took off. The other dog survived.

The Haynes’ had one more pay check coming after the incident, and that’s all the funds they have on which to live.

I like being part of a group like this.

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  1. Avatar July 12th, 2007 at 10:58 am sarahcamp Says:

    Aw that’s nice. It makes me wonder if the Pit Bull’s owner received the letter and how he feels. Of course, he’s hopefully in jail by now.

  2. Avatar July 16th, 2007 at 12:08 pm Thorne Says:

    Wow. It’s cool that the neighborhood is rallying around this guy. So, it doesn’t clearly state, but I’m assuming that the pitpull owner is the alleged shooter? This is insane. And the poor dog will probably end up euthanized because of having an asshat owner.

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