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… are they for humans or for dogs?  Jake and I had a disagreement about that this morning.

On school days, David leaves the house earlier than I do.  Sometimes, he leaves while I’m still abed - like this morning.  He let Jake roam around, giving him the run of the backyard and house. 

Typically the dog does well on his own.  Except some times.  Those days, he smells something interesting in the trash  – there’s one can he can get into, and David and I are good about using it only for papers and mail.  Friends and family, however, don’t always remember the rules for that trash can, and then Jake has a hey day – all over our dining room.

Today, I was dozing before the alarm went off and heard a crash and a thump.  I threw on my bathrobe and ran down the stairs to see what was going on.  The box of miniwheats sitting on our counter was too much for him.  He just HAD to have some.  All over the dining room and the backyard.

At least this time I caught him in the act – you can’t correct a dog for something you don’t catch him doing, even if you know he did it.  He’ll forget within a few minutes that he did anything, so smacking him (lightly) or timing him out – even the old wives’ tale solution of rubbing his nose in it – won’t do anything but scare and confuse the dog unless you catch him in the act.  Today, Jake knew exactly why I was upset – he still had miniwheats in his mouth!

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