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What a great weekend.  =)

  • The Colts won (yeah, yeah – I know that was Thursday, but it was a good game and started my weekend off well)
  • We cleaned the house.  The whole house.
  • We rearranged furniture.  Throughout the entire house.
  • We picked paint colors for the new closet and for the bathroom.
  • I finally put our new towels and rugs in the bathroom (Mom, I’ll send pictures for Auntie soon).
  • We had friends over for games and fun (we haven’t done that in ages because we’ve been away so much).
  • We invited our “daughter” for dinner on Monday, and David’s parents for dinner on Thursday.  And they all accepted!
  • I *finally* ordered prints from my 2007 pictures – Hawai’i trips, church things, camping trips, reunions, get-togethers, etc.
  • I’ve got my music for this month’s Wind Symphony concert, AND my sax is back from the shop.
  • I was relieved of a duty that was really dragging me down emotionally (no details, but it’s a HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders).
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