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We hosted the third (our second) annual pumpkin carving extravaganza over the weekend.  The founding folks were all there – David & me, Jason & Robin, and Bethany & James – as well as some veterans who were at the second annual extravaganza.  There were the ever-present hot cider and caramel apple snacks, and, of course, the pumpkins.  Cooking the pumpkin seeds was such a fiasco last year that we didn’t resurrect that “tradition,” though we tried to carry over all the others (StrongBad pumpkin designs, fighting siblings, etc.).  The biggest change from last year – young children.  We had babies and kids still in single digits running all over the place.  Also, our dog – he had a smorgasbord of pumpkin bits to eat, and eat he did!  Here are a couple of fun pictures from the shindig:

Emmi's Jack-o-lantern




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