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Friday night, we went to see Derek’s art at the Stutz open house downtown.  Derek is a coworker friend and a fellow TU grad – and he’s really talented.

Some of us made an evening of it.  We went out to dinner with some coworkers and then to Derek’s studio.

Dinner was an adventure.  We started at a really neat place downtown called the Rathskeller, but since it was such a crush – no room to stand without being jostled – we decided to leave. 

We had paid $10 to park at the Rathskeller (a popular place any night, but especially on a nice weekend night), and since we were only there for a few minutes before deciding to leave, John (the friend I was riding around with) tried to talk the parking lot attendant dude (who was incredibly rude) into refunding him the money.  It was a no-go, so John just got into the car and backed out.  And then Denise (who was riding in the backseat) started yelling, “stop, stop, stop, John!”.  So John stopped.  She said, “there’s a huge lightpost behind you!”  John goes, “oh” and then steps on the gas.  But he forgot to put it in drive, so he reversed straight into the pole.  As the car thunks into the pole, he says, “that lightpost?”  =)  We all had a good laugh – he didn’t hit it hard enough to cause any damage to his car.

We all ended up at a dive called “the Tip Top Tavern”, close to the art show.  Had dinner, drinks, and many laughs, then headed out to the show.

It was huge!  None of us had been before, so none of us expected it to be three buildings (lots of floors, each) of studios to wander through.  There was live music, tons of people milling around… It was really neat.  I’ll be going back next year for sure, and leaving more time to look through.  As it was, we arrived late enough at Derek’s studio that most of us were tired and/or sick with serious allergies.  By the time we’d spent an hour and a half looking around and talking to Derek, we were ready to go.

Anyway, go check out Derek’s site (it’s a group site with some other folks): http://www.limnersociety.com/.  His latest, and my favorite, stuff isn’t posted there yet.  Hopefully he’ll get some of the photos from the event online so you can see his work.  I took a couple with my camera phone for John, but feel weird about posting them without Derek’s permission.

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