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We’ve been reunioning this month.

Weekend #1: Dave’s dad’s dad’s family (Aukermans)
Weekend #2: Dave’s mom’s mom’s family (Schraders) <- this weekend
Weekend #3: Dave’s mom’s dad’s family (Funks) which we’re missing for…
Weekend #3: Dave’s 10-yr high school friends reunion

David has a lot of people to reunite with… =) I enjoy these reunions, though. This is something my fam doesn’t do.

I’ll take some pics this weekend and post ’em so you can join in the reunion festivities (now that I’ve figured out why my photos weren’t transferring from my camera and fixed the issue).

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  1. Avatar July 19th, 2008 at 4:43 am Glenn Charles/oregonnerd Says:

    Since few if any will probably say this, thank you very much for the layout that I’m currently using for my blog. I haven’t the aesthetic sense, or at least so I’m telling myself. Surely my visual cortex isn’t damaged, or for one thing I couldn’t handily read…

    Whatever. Thank you.

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