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My dog got beat up by a vampire dog.  After a being attacked by a “borderline” dog at the doggy daycare, he has puncture wounds on the top of his head and on his neck.  Look at this!

The daycare is a great place, and the owner is really good with dogs.  She ran Jake over to our vet and took care of him and bill.  She’s also not taking that other dog back.  This kind of thing happens rarely, she tells us as we pick up our dogs (and so say friends who also use this place), but it just figures that our poor super-sensitive Jake is the victim. 

The vet gave us antibiotics and pain meds for him.

Dave picked up the dogs last night (Lindy at the daycare and Jake at the vet) – apparently Lindy was really confused and concerned that Jake wasn’t around.  He said she couldn’t wait to get out to the car, and then when she didn’t find him there, she started crying/whining until she picked up his scent at the vet.

Jake is fine.  Dave says he looks sad, but he’s a hound – he always looks sad.  Dave also says he’s pretty lethargic – but the dog just spent 3 days and nights running around with tons of other dogs, as well as having a traumatic experience.  =)  I’m betting he’ll be fine soon – he’ll just look crazy, what with the shaving and all.

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  1. Avatar March 20th, 2009 at 9:42 am Melissa Says:

    aww poor jake :( i miss his sad, baggy face.

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