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  • is loving the new music – thanks, Leah! what fun! #
    Leah visited over the weekend (happy dance!) and, as always, I had a stinkin’ great time having her. Even when she comes and all we do is what I normally would do, my life is just… happier. This time, she shared some of her new music – she loves soundtracks/movies scores, for example – and has me hooked!
  • *really* wants to see “!HERO: The Rock Opera” – does anyone know where she can buy/rent/dl a copy of this show?#
    This is one of the albums Leah’s letting me listen to – she can’t find a video of this for less than $60 online, but she really wants to see it. If y’all know anyone who has it, let me know!
  • is enjoying Peppermint Bark (thanks Claudia!) and watching Godspell. =) #
    This is fantastic: I posted, a long time ago, that I was craving Peppermint Bark. My friend Claudia remembered that and this Sunday, she brought me a POUND of it! It’s fancy, and sooooo good. Much better, even, because it’s out of season, and was a gift from a thoughtful friend.
  • is no longer watching Godspell. It’s ridiculous. Finding something else. #
    Wow, was Godspell terrible (well, the first 20 minutes, anyway). Seriously – I like these kinds of things (modern adaptations of old/ancient stories), but the Jesus mime/clown character was just… creepy. I ended up watching two forgettable (but not disturbing, at least) comedies. It was nice to have an evening “off.”
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