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  • is prepping to go to a downer of a meeting. but, as depressing as facts are, it’s good to see stark details instead of muddled half-truth. #

    Our church has had a Childcare ministry for the last 7 or 8 years. At the end of last year, Bethany and I took over the finances and have been very careful to dot all our Is and cross all our Ts. We met our church’s treasurer for lunch to talk over the Childcare’s financial situation. Basically, it’s not bringing in enough in fees to cover payroll expenses. It’s a dire enough situation that we, in order to be good stewards of our resources, need to consider options and determine if the business is viable.
  • is settling back into her work day. it’s jarring jumping from church/childcare business back into “real” life… #

    It really is challenging to jump back and forth between my “lives” – church, work, and personal. I have what feels like three separate identities, and they all intrude upon one another. I’m the same person, but my responsibilities are so very different from life to life, as are people’s views of me. I have so much to do in each that I never can simply switch from one to another… It’s hard to manage.
  • really enjoyed today’s bright warmth – such a welcome change from dreary winter, and just what was needed on a tough day. #

    It really was rough. After the meeting with the church treasurer, I went to a Childcare Board meeting. We will come back together next week after digesting, thinking, praying… but we have mostly come to a consensus that the Childcare will close. It is the end of an era, and will drastically change lives of church members. It’s difficult to conduct a meeting such as the one we had with sensitivity, grace, and kindness – and to still be true to facts and figures. I am not a soft person, but I hurt for the staff who will lose jobs – more than jobs, ministries and livelihoods.
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