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  • is electing benefits and signing HR paperwork – fun times. =) #

    Trying to meet a deadline of having everything done 31 days after hire – that’s April 1, coming up pretty quickly. It’s tough trying to decide exactly what I’ll need in the future – pay less in premiums and get slammed if something bad happens, or pay more in premiums and nothing happens at all?
  • just returned from lunch with an ex-colleague friend – she’s newly married, radiant, and as witty and fun as ever. had a wonderful time! #

    Robyn is such a hoot! I had such a good time chatting with her. She loves being married (which I loved to hear), and has three new stepdaughters. We talked about that, and how similar in some ways it is to what we’re doing with Kaylin. I have it much easier, I think, but she *does* have dad around to pull the parent card when the kids get ornery… =)
  • is wrestling with a pretty big decision. rhetorical: how do we discern the will of God (find the “best” instead of just choosing an “okay”)? #

    It’s tough trying to figure out what to do about this church. We very much like the congregation – they’re wonderful! But to say with any certainty that this is where God is calling us? That’s a much more difficult thing. Thank you for your prayers – we continue to pray as well.
  • has to prove that she’s married – again. why won’t the benefits providers just take my word for it? it’d be so much less hassle… =) #
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