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  • after a tough-but-positive meeting, got to spend the evening having major fun with her husband and teenager: homemade applesauce and DDR! #
    The childcare is closing, and its director asked me to meet her to talk about finances and moving-forward plans. What a difficult thing to do! We talked about the closing of a business that couldn’t support itself in our neighborhood – about the ending of a ministry. Well, about the moving and morphing of a ministry. She will continue the childcare on her own with whichever families will stay, and will try to build a career on it. What didn’t work for an organization may work for an individual. It’s exciting to be in on the planning – and wrenching to be involved in the ending.
  • is chilling at the new(ish) Indy library. loves this place – today, because its internet works when hers doesn’t. also, it’s relaxing. #
    What a pain! I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my work computer and home internet. For some reason, it drops its connection several times a day – which means I have to reestablish all my security several times a day. It takes forever, and sure does interrupt the flow of my work…  Ugh.
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