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We got both Jake and Lindy through the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to get more involved with this organization – after all, two of our family members came to us because other people volunteered their time and lives.

A couple of weeks ago, we heard about two dogs who were purchased at an auction. They were puppy mill dogs – dogs that came from a place where they were caged, mated, and bred to sell. One, Mac, an adult male, had been so neglected that he was covered in ticks. Thousands of ticks. The organization picked him and a puppy, Buck, up in Missouri. They medicated Mac, who was so miserable that he wasn’t active and wouldn’t eat.

RRR got foster homes set up in New England, but needed to get the dogs there. A bunch of folks started planning the transport, and asked for volunteers to take legs and keep the dogs overnight as needed. They coordinated a crazy caravan of folks.

David and I just drove a short piece of the trip – Indianapolis to Columbus – but it was a neat experience. For one, we got to meet some of the folks we’ve been talking to over the past couple of years. There’s another woman in Indianapolis whose home is a foster home for local rescue dogs – we met her and her husband (they kept the dogs overnight before we took them).

We also met Carol, a wonderful woman who lives in Ohio – she’s the one who arranged both of our adoptions. We left Mac and Buck with her. She was a delight to meet, and just the kind of person you’d think would open her home to hopeless dogs.

Being involved in this transport has made me realize that I enjoy doing things that matter. Getting involved, even in small ways, with things and groups that make a difference. I hope we get a chance to help out again – some day, I think I’d like to foster dogs – but Dave’s still getting used to our two. =)

A couple of (bad) pictures:

Dog Transport 018

Dog Transport 005

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My dog got beat up by a vampire dog.  After a being attacked by a “borderline” dog at the doggy daycare, he has puncture wounds on the top of his head and on his neck.  Look at this!

The daycare is a great place, and the owner is really good with dogs.  She ran Jake over to our vet and took care of him and bill.  She’s also not taking that other dog back.  This kind of thing happens rarely, she tells us as we pick up our dogs (and so say friends who also use this place), but it just figures that our poor super-sensitive Jake is the victim. 

The vet gave us antibiotics and pain meds for him.

Dave picked up the dogs last night (Lindy at the daycare and Jake at the vet) – apparently Lindy was really confused and concerned that Jake wasn’t around.  He said she couldn’t wait to get out to the car, and then when she didn’t find him there, she started crying/whining until she picked up his scent at the vet.

Jake is fine.  Dave says he looks sad, but he’s a hound – he always looks sad.  Dave also says he’s pretty lethargic – but the dog just spent 3 days and nights running around with tons of other dogs, as well as having a traumatic experience.  =)  I’m betting he’ll be fine soon – he’ll just look crazy, what with the shaving and all.

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… has met an untimely end. He died today, on our deck. Our dog did his hound dog thing and killed us a rooster. R.I.P., Dumplin’.

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Jake at the window, originally uploaded by tara.aukerman.

That’s my puppy!

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11. sniff


sniff, originally uploaded by tara.aukerman.

My dog never just lets me take his picture… This is what I see every time I get close enough to him to take a close-up picture.

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4. curtain


curtain, originally uploaded by tara.aukerman.

I got an up-close and personal look at the shower curtain tonight, so I thought I’d share it with you as my photo today.

When we went to West Virginia over this past weekend, we had to kennel Jake. We took him to “A Home Away,” the boarding place run by Jake’s trainer from obedience classes. It’s a nice place – new and clean – but that doesn’t stop Jake from coming home stinky and smelling like a dog. (He doesn’t normally sport Eau d’Dog.)

So. Today we gave him a bath. But because it’s so cold out, we had to bathe him inside. In our tub. It was… a hassle. The poor dog was trembling from the second he walked into the bathroom, even though he’s never been in that room before. Ever. (We haven’t ever allowed him upstairs.)

I ended up showering with him so I could wash him and make sure he didn’t jump out of the tub in the middle. Then, I scrubbed the tub like a maniac – because GROSS. My dog was in my shower.

So, rather than showing you what the bathroom looked like after, I thought I’d just show the pretty shower curtain. Enjoy.

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3. pawprints


pawprints, originally uploaded by tara.aukerman.

It’s snowing today – and my dog is pretty happy about that. =) I love seeing his prints in the snow – enough that *I* have started looking forward to a light dusting.

Also – I love the color in this picture! The pink and blue shades of white are interesting.

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We’ve been waiting for two months to adopt a girlfriend for Jake from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, and I just found out tonight that the owners decided not to let us adopt her.  Instead, they’re passing her to some friends.  =( 

Anyone know of any young female ridgebacks for adoption? 

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A couple of pictures from our family reunion, recently uploaded by Dave’s brother and his wife:

Tara, David, Randy, originally uploaded by rauke1.

Jake and Tara, originally uploaded by rauke1.

I just enjoy the first picture – I love having a big brother!  And the second photo…  Imagine that dog trembling – he was TERRIFIED of the water.  See how taut his muscles are?  He was very, very tense, and leaping about from rock to rock so he wouldn’t have to touch the water.  =)  We had a large audience up on the bank.



… are they for humans or for dogs?  Jake and I had a disagreement about that this morning.

On school days, David leaves the house earlier than I do.  Sometimes, he leaves while I’m still abed - like this morning.  He let Jake roam around, giving him the run of the backyard and house. 

Typically the dog does well on his own.  Except some times.  Those days, he smells something interesting in the trash  – there’s one can he can get into, and David and I are good about using it only for papers and mail.  Friends and family, however, don’t always remember the rules for that trash can, and then Jake has a hey day – all over our dining room.

Today, I was dozing before the alarm went off and heard a crash and a thump.  I threw on my bathrobe and ran down the stairs to see what was going on.  The box of miniwheats sitting on our counter was too much for him.  He just HAD to have some.  All over the dining room and the backyard.

At least this time I caught him in the act – you can’t correct a dog for something you don’t catch him doing, even if you know he did it.  He’ll forget within a few minutes that he did anything, so smacking him (lightly) or timing him out – even the old wives’ tale solution of rubbing his nose in it – won’t do anything but scare and confuse the dog unless you catch him in the act.  Today, Jake knew exactly why I was upset – he still had miniwheats in his mouth!

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