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My officemates are cracking me up.  Our department takes up 2 floors of a 6-story building, my team (Design & Development) has most of the 4th floor.  This building is old.  Most of these folks are saying it should be torn down.  Because it’s old, some vital things just don’t work – like the heating and cooling systems (we’ve had several 90+ degree days INSIDE), building security, and sometimes the water (like for the last couple of days, we haven’t been able to use any water in our building because even drinking fountains are causing major sewer problems – yuck!). 

One of the developers has started keeping a list of all the “quirky” things about our building.  Here’s what he (and the rest of them – this thread has been passed around the office for the last half hour) have on the list so far:

  • A/C dysfunction
  • Water woes
  • Rusty water when we do have it
  • “Pock-ridden” parking lot
  • Cockroaches (Yes – all over.  Even in the refrigerator!)
  • Elevators that make you step up 8 full inches to get on your floor
  • Flooding in the bathrooms
  • Sticky-fingered visitors (security issues)
  • Vagrants hiding in the bathrooms and sleeping at our managers’ desks (more security issues)
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So, there’s this old guy who runs up the 6 flights of stairs in the building I work in.  He rides the elevator down to the basement and chats with whomever is riding with him, then he runs back up the stairs – again and again until his workout is done.  He’s been doing it for a long time.  He’s cute – very nice and slightly flirtatious (but not at all in an icky way).

He just got kicked out of the building for harassment.

This guy was shocked – very upset – when he found out what he’d been accused of.  He’d never intended to be anything but friendly, and would have immediately changed his “offensive” behavior had he been told he made anyone uncomfortable.  Because the two women who reported him were passive-agressive instead of direct, he’s gone.  No chance to explain or apologize (he’s nice enough, he’d want to) or try to make amends.  And the women are gloating.

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We’re back in Indiana.  And we’re exhausted.  We didn’t sleep at all on the long flight over the Pacific (something to do with the chairs and the screaming infants), so when we came home, after doing a few things, we crashed.  Hard.  Woke up to the doorbell – Dave’s parents came to drop off our dog (they watched him while we were away this time) and to report on his misbehavior.  He was angelic, they said, the first 8 days, and evil the second 8 days (messing on the carpets a couple of times, jumping the backyard fence, etc).  They looked relieved to give him back – and I don’t blame them.  =)  We’ll be keeping a close eye on him for the next couple of weeks – hopefully getting back to his routine and getting a ton of exercise will fix those behavioral issues.

Anyway, we’re back safe and sound for those of you who were waiting to hear. 



I hit my head *really* hard yesterday morning.

We were getting ready for Saturday morning prayer meeting at church – and by “getting ready,”  I mean rolling out of bed and brushing my teeth – and I bent over in the bathroom.  Dave and I were brushing our teeth at the same time, so we were both in there doing our thing…  He had the cabinet door open for some reason (toothpaste?).  I stood up and cracked my skull right into it.  Sat down and almost cried – I even asked if there was blood I hit it so hard.

I immediately took a couple of Tylenol, and so was fine for the rest of the day.  A little tender where I hit.  I remember going to sleep last night thinking, “Man…  I sure was lucky.  I can’t believe my head hasn’t hurt all day.”


I woke up this morning with a splitting headache, only on that part of my head.  Top of my skull, on the left side above my eye.  Took a couple more pills to try to quiet it down, then went to church.  Made it through Sunday school (which, by the way was great – David’s first time teaching that class) before I started hurting bad enough I couldn’t see well.

Church was torture… I couldn’t even focus on the sermon.  I have no idea what it was really about, though I remember bits and pieces.  All I really could focus on was the pain – spreading down the left side of my face so that, by the time church was over, even my teeth were hurting!

I went straight to bed, stopping only for a couple of really strong headache pills – the kinds I use only when I have to sleep off the headache and can’t stay awake for the pain.  David woke me up a couple of hours later, and for about 10 minutes, it seemed like the pain was completely gone.  But the longer I stayed awake, the worse it got, until I was back to sleeping it off.

I missed our first Sunday night service of the year – my favorite meeting of this church.

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… almost.

Jake found something really nasty and rolled in it. We think. He’s had this odor of rot, vinegar and poo following him like a cloud – David says it’s like Pigpen.

It’s so cold, we haven’t washed him. He’s too big to wash in the house, and the weather is so frigid that we can’t wash him outside, and David doesn’t want to pay for a groomer to bathe him.

So I pulled out the baking soda, and rubbed it into his fur. I remember that when I was in high school and wore one particular pair of shoes for 3 years or so (my favorites) then got them soaked, I experienced embarrassingly stinky shoes for the first time in my life. Grandma Jo suggested putting baking soda in each shoe, and I STILL have that pair of shoes. They’re only stinky if you stick your nose in and sniff.

In like fashion, the baking soda has completely removed the aura of yuck, and almost neutralized the smell. Unless, of course, you get down with him and take a big whiff. I’m thinking that if the smell doesn’t fade and if it doesn’t warm up, I’m gonna take the dog into a groomer regardless.

David doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but if you’ll recall, he couldn’t smell the stench of the sewer smell before we covered that drain in the basement, either (where the previous owners had cut a hole directly into the sewage line for basement drainage). We don’t trust his nose, no matter how big it is. =)

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It’s smelly in here.  =) 

I’m dogsitting for the Gardners, and Jake and Chopin have been playing for over an hour.  They’re both hot and panting, and our house smells like dog. 

Not that I mind.  It’s fun for me – the more the merrier, as long as they’re not trying to kill each other.  These two are getting along well (as long as Chopin doesn’t eat or drink in front of Jake). 

I’d take pictures and post them so you could see these two playing, but my camera is broken.  Don’t know what’s up, but I can only take or look at a couple of pictures before the camera’s software locks up.  Nothing I try fixes the problem!


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We went to church this morning.  My parents’ church recently split when their pastor left, so the remaining members are in the middle of a pastor search.  The interim pastor gave the sermon today and at the end gave an invitation.

It really, really bothers me when preachers ask to have “every head bowed and every eye closed” when they give an invitation.  There was nothing private about what Christ did for us.  If you’re making a statement of belief in Jesus, it should be bold and unapologetic.  Christianity, true Christianity, will change your life dramatically – it’s not a lifestyle to step into half-heartedly, it’s a worldview change, a paradigm shift.  I think it’s inappropriate for a pastor to minimize the gravity of the decision to follow Christ by allowing people to slink into the relationship.  I think it undermines the importance of the commitment and makes the relationship seem like it doesn’t have to be THE priority of your life.

That said,  I think the “close your eyes” approach can be appropriate in youth ministry because kids are so wrapped up in what their friends and peers think of them, but adults should be able to make decisions – especially such important decisions – without basing them in vanity.  If you’re not ready to stand up and stand out for Christ, are you ready to commit to a life in him and for him?

I sound judgemental, and this is something I struggle with – snap decisions about things I hear and see, and the people that say and do them.  I need to think more, but I wanted to post my initial thoughts here so I could hear what some of you think.

So, what do you think?

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Our new house is stinky.  There’s a foul, unidentified smell eeking up from the basement.  I’ll be calling a plumber tomorrow.

We spent the weekend out of town.  Before we left, David dumped some bleach water down the drain in the basement.  When we got back, it was still stinky.  Dave just dumped an entire container of liquid fabric softener down the drain (as recommended by the guy from the Mayor’s Action Center).  We’ll see if that has any effect; my guess is that the plumber will be necessary.

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… I have internet access! At least for the last few minutes, I have. No telling what’s going to happen before I finish this sentence, let alone this post.

The neighbors have wireless DSL that’s as flaky as flaky can be. I can’t believe they’re paying for service like this… but since I’m *not*, I can’t really say anything. We’re calling cable companies and seeing how much it’ll cost to get us onto a reliable internet connection.

In the meantime, please bear with me as I’m not posting (I can’t even get all of my email usually before the connection dies). Also, I’m working on two websites concurrently, and have YET to widgetize my Andreas04 theme… People have been emailing and asking me to do it, but without an internet connection, I’m just about worthless. You can imagine how fun it is to try to work on those two websites… =)

And now, when I DO have internet access, I have to leave. Wind Symphony rehearsal… grr.

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… my foot! Today, we’re getting 3″ of snow. Indy’s getting up to 8. Some first day of spring!

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