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Desmond Turner has been convicted.


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Remember the Hamilton Street murders that happened literally in our backyard? The trial for Desmond Turner, the suspected killer, is about to get underway.

No death penalty in ’06 mass slayings | The Indianapolis Star

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I’m late telling you all about this, but I wanted to see what this reporter was going to do and say before I shared the link.

I live in the Indianapolis inner city, and get asked often what it’s like. Want to know what our schools are like? Matthew Tully, a reporter for our Indy newspaper, is embedded at one of our public schools.¬† He’s writing a daily blog and weekly articles about the school and the kids.

Read the kickoff article.

Read his school-daily blog.

Read this article about how Manual accepted the President’s speech. My favorite bit:

Across the country, parents have flooded school districts with angry calls, demanding their children not spend 20 minutes hearing from the president. But at Manual, Principal Richard Grismore received more calls about the matter from the media than from parents.

Actually, Grismore received only one call offering an opinion about the speech. It came from the concerned grandmother of a student who has been skipping class and breaking school rules of late.

“She told me she just wanted to make sure he was going to hear the speech,” Grismore said. “She said he needed to hear that message.”

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Friday night, we went to see Derek’s art at the Stutz open house downtown.† Derek is a coworker friend and a fellow TU grad – and he’s really talented.

Some of us made an evening of it.† We went out to dinner†with some coworkers and then to Derek’s studio.

Dinner was an adventure.† We started at a really neat place downtown called the Rathskeller, but since it was such a crush – no room to stand without being jostled – we decided to leave.†

We had paid $10 to park at the Rathskeller†(a popular place any night, but especially on a nice weekend night), and since we were only there for a few minutes before deciding to leave, John (the friend I was riding around with) tried to talk the parking lot attendant dude (who was incredibly rude) into refunding him the money.† It was a no-go, so John just got into the car and backed out.† And then Denise (who was riding in the backseat) started yelling, “stop, stop, stop, John!”.† So John stopped.† She said, “there’s a huge lightpost behind you!”† John goes, “oh” and then steps on the gas.† But he forgot to put it in drive, so he reversed straight into the pole.† As the car thunks into the pole, he says, “that lightpost?”† =)† We all had a good laugh – he didn’t hit it hard enough to cause any damage to his car.

We all ended up at a dive called “the Tip Top Tavern”, close to the art show.† Had dinner, drinks, and many laughs, then headed out to the show.

It was huge!† None of us had been before, so none of us expected it to be three buildings (lots of floors, each) of studios to wander through.† There was live music, tons of people milling around… It was really neat.† I’ll be going back next year for sure, and leaving more time to look through.† As it was, we arrived late enough at Derek’s studio that most of us were tired and/or sick with serious allergies.† By the time we’d spent an hour and a half looking around and talking to Derek, we were ready to go.

Anyway, go check out Derek’s site (it’s†a group site with some other folks): http://www.limnersociety.com/.† His latest, and my favorite, stuff isn’t posted there yet.† Hopefully he’ll get some of the photos from the event online so you can see his work.† I took a couple with my camera phone for John, but feel weird about posting them without Derek’s permission.

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I stayed home and am working from the dining room table today.† David is playing DDR and the floor, the chair I’m sitting in, the table, my computer – all are vibrating in rhythm with the songs David’s jumping around to.† =)†

In other news, we’ve joined Angie’s List and are busy getting electricians to come give us estimates.† We’ve got a long list of things we’d like to have done, but it turns out that electricians are pretty dang expensive.† We’ve narrowed the list down to three must-haves, but are still going to get estimates on the rest.†

The neat thing about Angie’s List (angieslist.com, if you don’t know about it) is that we can not only review what folks think about various contractors and the work they do (members leave reports on all the work they get done and all the companies they’ve dealt with), but we also get discounts when they do come to do the work.† And, turns out, if we mention that we saw them on Angie’s List, they’re really responsive.† Quick to do estimates, quick to schedule work.† It’s as if they’re teachers who are being observed by their principals – they’re on their best behavior because they know they’re going to be reviewed and critiqued, and that the report will be available†for all†the city to see.†

I feel…† powerful.† =)