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It’s the two-year anniversary of the Lebowski Podcast!  Read this press release, then watch The Big Lebowski and subscribe to the podcast.  You won’t regret it.  =)

Friends Chalupa and Liz have achieved something spectacular here, folks.  They’ve taken their love of film and talking about film and done something truly amazing.  They’ve gone from chatting with schoolmates in a small living room to recording an “internationally-known” internet broadcast reaching thousands.

This podcast is intelligent and entertaining.  While it’s, at it’s very simplest, a group of people talking about a movie, it’s also an interesting, well-planned, and thought-provoking series of discussions and interviews covering many topics: feminism, religion, philosophy, film, current events… The list goes on.

So, here’s a shout-out to Ben and Liz – well done, kids.  Keep it coming!

A Fan Since the First Episode

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Speaking of new tools, check out my post about ScribeFire over at bloggingamigos.net (a group blog I’m starting to post in).

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This is an AWESOME little tool. I spend quite a bit of time adjusting window sizes for screenshots at work – and this is going to be a BIG time saver.

I work with proprietary software that doesn’t resize using external apps. This tool, however, gives you dimensions as you resize – so you can just drag the corner to the right size! So simple, but SO useful.


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This is… hilarious.

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Remember the coworker who thought my “binary” clock was a braille clock on first glance?  He wrote an article about it.  =)

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Here’s a little new-year vocabulary for you:

  • To “bogart” is to hog or take more than your share.  (Read this.)
  • The plural of “metropolis” is “metropolises” or “metropoleis.”
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I’ve been reading posts at digitalphotographyschool for a while. A friend who thinks he’s an artist with his camera referred me to the site. It’s fun – there are a lot of people who post in the forums. Some are really, really good, and some are… not. Anyway, they occasionally post something on a new way to do post-processing. I always find these posts interesting – I love to play. =)

So, today’s post was something on faking a lomo look using Photoshop. I don’t have Photoshop (Paint Shop Pro is a heckuva lot cheaper), so I spent some time tonight trying to replicate the settings the post suggested. I kinda like a toned-down version of the effect – it can make pictures pop. (It can also make pictures look ridiculous if you’re not careful.)




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I just watched, for 2 hours tonight (!), America’s Got Talent. It was awful. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. After all the grief I’ve given cousin Jen for watching American Idol, I am feeling rather guilty. =)

What hooked me was a commercial promo before the show even started. They showed a kid (with no audio – someone was doing a voiceover) doing a dance I immediately recognized, even without sound. This kid did some moves from a Bollywood film called Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai – a movie I watched in college. I know the moves because I had a roomie who frequently practiced them.

So I waited anxiously to see this.

(The movie version is here.)



So nice… he lets me take pictures of him while I play with my new camera:

Dave, uploaded by tara.aukerman.

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