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So, lately I’ve been digging Beatles covers. I got, from three different friends, “you have to listen to this!” CDs.  So, I’ve been listening to:

the i am sam soundtrack

the i am sam soundtrack

the Across the Universe soundtrack

the Across the Universe soundtrack

George Martin's tribute to the Beatles

George Martin's tribute to the Beatles

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I LOVE packages.  If you want to make my day, my week, my month – send me a package.  I’m yours.  =)

I just came back from that long, 2-day drive to find a package in my mailbox – for ME!

Naphtali, this really neat girl who spent the summer slumming it in our ‘hood (and just moved to Chicago, much to our dismay) sent me some you’ve-gotta-hear-these CDs.  We’d been talking about music and found that our tastes are remarkably similar.  She’s more knowledgeable, though, and asked if I’d heard much Snow Patrol.  I’ve heard some and loved what I’ve heard, but don’t know much of their music.  She said that sometime she’d hook me up – and this week was the week.  =)  She sent two SP albums (Eyes Open and Final Straw), and two Reindeer Section albums (Y’all Get Scared Now and Son of Evil Reindeer).

I really dig the RS CDs – check ’em out if you get a chance.

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David preached tonight.  You can hear him at the Woodruff Place Baptist Church website, here.  (You can also visit the music page and hear him (and me) sing a few times.)

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